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Frequently Asked Questions

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Commercial bar soaps are produced on a large scale with harsh chemicals, synthetic ingredients, cheap fragrances, mineral oils, and artificial colors, all of which are cheap and profitably viable. 

The commercial companies use them as they are cheap and increase the shelf life. Our soaps are formulates to nourish your skin, we use only food grade organic ingredients which is expensive.

Handmade natural soaps are made of materials found in nature, like pure plant-based oils like coconut oil and olive oil, super fats like shea butter and mango butter, edible skin enhancing ingredients like oats, honey, and goat milk. As these are not chemicals, some of these ingredients are imported from framers markets and may not be native to India.  

The aim of these hand made soaps is to feed the skin and the body the right foods so that numerous allergies, hormonal imbalances and many other diseases can be avoided.

Organic food ingredients we use are already expensive to consume as food, we need a lot more quantity to get the right concentration in our soap formulations.


You may cancel your order before the product has been shipped. Unfortunately, an order cannot be cancelled once the product has been shipped to you. If you wish to cancel your order after having received the product, a refund is possible only if the product is unopened in the same condition as it was received in. Keep in mind however, that the shipping costs have to be borne by the customer. Your refund will be processed with in 24-48 hours after your product has been received and inspected.


Our handmade soaps are made in small batches with materials found in nature, like pure plant-based oils, butters, honey, and goat milk, resulting in a mild, rich, moisturizing soap that feels creamy in your hands, offers a magnificent long-lasting lather, and leaves your skin clean, soft, silky, and radiantly healthy.

They smell great and can make you hungry, but please don't eat them!

Soap Making Process

Handmade soap is formed by the saponification process between oils, fats and “Lye”(sodium hydroxide). Handmade soap is pure and it cleanses and moisturizes without stripping your skin off its natural healthy oils.

Soap is essential to keep the skin clean and germ free. Washing your hands and body with water can remove dirt from our skin and clothes but some dirt and bacteria are invisible and cannot be removed by just water. Soaps save lives by stopping the spread of harmful bacteria in dirt. Handmade soaps are emulsifiers – this means they allow water and oil to mix, which in turn removes dirt and harmful bacteria and helps us to stay hygienic and healthy. Organic compounds based soaps are the safest as they already approved to nourish your body, why not use them to nourish the biggest organ of your body (Your Skin!).

Commercial soaps are manufactured in big factories and are actually detergents made of chemical hardness and foaming agents. In the soap making process glycerine is released as a by product and natural glycerine is wonderful to hydrate and soften the skin. But the commercial value of this glycerine if much more than that of the soap. Hence, the commercial soap companies extract this glycerine and sell it separately replacing it with cheaper chemicals. Handmade soaps on the other hand leave this glycerine in the soap and are ”superfatted ” too.

Most handmade soaps are further made without harsh chemicals like SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate) and Parabens (preservatives) which cause allergies and skin irritations. Recent studies have linked these compounds to be carcinogenic.

The skin is the largest organ of the body and is incredibly porous and absorbent. 60% of whatever you put on it is absorbed into the body. Whatever products are put on the skin not only make us look and feel good but have an important impact on our overall health and well-being also. 

So now you can decide what you want to feed your skin; harsh chemicals or super foods like shea butter and honey to name a few.

Superfatting is the process of adding extra fats (oils or butters) when formulating a soap recipe, so there is more fat in the mixture than the lye can react with during the chemical reaction. This process leaves a portion of oils in the finished handmade soap, which ensures maximum moisturizing and cleaning qualities. Since adding extra oils and butters can decrease the shelf-life of a soap bar, commercial soaps trade the moisturizing properties in favor of their "forever" shelf-life. They also add parabens (preservatives) for the same reason.

We have already highlighted the main differences between the commercial variants of soap and the handmade soaps in the question above, however there are a few more benefits which will make you go for handmade soaps forever.

1. Handmade soaps leave in the natural glycerine great for hydration and cleansing.

2. Handmade soaps use extra butters like shea butter, mango butter and cocoa butter, making the skin soft, smooth and relieving all itchiness.

3.Handmade soaps are made in small batches so can incorporate skin loving and beauty enhancing ingredients like honey, turmeric, rose and herbs.

4.Handmade soaps are mostly scented with natural oils which are therapeutic like lavender, tea tree and rose.

5.Most handmade soaps are sulphate and paraben free.

6.Handmade natural soaps preserve and enhance the natural body oils with their ingredients to protect and heal the skin naturally.

A good Handmade soap is one which is superfatted with oils like coconut oil, olive oil, glycerine, sweet almond oil and many more. 

It is also extra moisturizing and cleansing with plant butters like shea butter and mango butter. Moreover they are Sulphate and Paraben free using skin and beauty enhancing natural ingredients like honey, saffron goat milk and of course the magical rose to name a few. 

Organic food ingredients are rich in nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants. These are the types of ingredients that your skin, hair, and body will love.