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About Us

"We do not test on animals, and I will never sell you anything I wouldn’t have my family use first." Founder, Self Love Soaps

My passion for skincare started when I was in my early teens and just coming of age. My mother has beautiful skin and all through my early years I heard people complimenting her for it. I was in awe and I noticed she had a skincare regime using natural products which she followed religiously daily. As I entered my teens, I too started taking care of my skin using skin food from my mom’s kitchen like milk, yogurt, honey, turmeric etc. As I grew, so did my skin blossom and soon enough I too became the recipient of numerous compliments. Throughout my life I have followed my skin regime and kept away from any kind of make-up, except for an occasional lipstick and bindi. Today, as I accept my greys and reflect on my life gone by I decided to share some of my experiences in the form of body products. No tall claims, no medical advice, just regular ingredients from the kitchen to share what worked for me in the hope that it will benefit you too.

About the Product

Why Bathing is essential get-away?

For me bathing is a very intimate, uplifting and spiritual ritual apart from cleansing. Invigorating in the morning as I anticipate good opportunities for the day in the shower and relaxing at night as I cleanse not only my body of all the muck and grime of the day, but also cleanse my mind by feeling grateful for the good experiences. An integral part of the bath is the soap, water and of course “the me time”. Our humble soaps and cleansers will not put a dent in your wallet like your wine or spa rituals. We are free of the commercial variant adulterations such as SLS, Parabens and other chemicals.

We do not test on animals, and I will never sell you anything I wouldn’t have my family use first.