All those with Sensitive and Dry Skin, this article calls for your special attention 😊 

Your bathing ritual plays a great role in deciding the moisture content and the texture of your skin. The soap you use has dominance in this ritual and it primarily determines how your skin feels after the shower. Well, this should be enough for you to understand that picking a bathing soap is something that should be done thoughtfully. And SelfLoveSoaps is here to guide you with the same!

If given a choice between natural and chemical-filled body care products, a rational individual would always go for the former (given that other factors like price and availability are not a constraint). Our skin always prefers dealing with simple, natural ingredients rather than harsh chemicals or animal-derived products. A point to make here is that Handmade Natural soaps are ideal for all skin types in general. Learn more about them here 

Now because this article particularly addresses the sensitive and dry skin types, let’s look at the requirements of the same and see why handmade soaps are best for sensitive and dry skin?

Ingredients that favor dry, sensitive skin type

Do you feel that your skin goes excessively dehydrated and dull right after the shower? If yes, this straightaway means that you’re not using the right soap and the ingredients present are robbing your skin of the natural moisture and glow. The ingredient that best suits this skin type is plant oil which is generally missing in most commercial soaps available on the counter. Here are a few of the top plant-based oils that benefit this skin type -

Coconut oil – Call it the best friend of your skin! Coconut oil consists of rich and healthy fatty acids that condition and soften the skin. With numerous benefits, it is one of the most nourishing ingredients of a handmade natural soap that acts as an excellent moisturizer too.

Jojoba oil – A quick fun fact; Jojoba oil is actually a plant wax that acts like an oil! This one has got a unique ability to function like our natural skin barrier. It Is very effective for dry, flaky and sensitive skin, thanks to its anti-inflammatory and healing properties.

Castor oil – A special oil that has not only moisturizing but also hydrating abilities! It helps in moisturizing the skin as well as improving its ability to hold moisture. Castor oil benefits the skin owing to a unique compound present in it, called triglycerides.

Beeswax – Another great friend of your skin! Beeswax acts as an occlusive by creating a protective layer on the skin to seal in moisture. It consists of vitamin A which softens and hydrates the skin. Further, the hypoallergenic properties that it holds make it an effective treatment for sensitive skin type.

Essential oil – A few essential oils like Lime, Rose, Basil and Vetiver are excellent for dry skin. These plants and herbs-based oil radiate a beautiful fragrance. Apart from the experience of fragrant bathing, they nourish and condition the skin as well.

These are a few of the skin-friendly ingredients which are a must-have for dry and sensitive skin. We, at SelfLoveSoaps, make sure that we include such benefitting natural ingredients plus a few others like Aloevera, Shea butter, Turmeric, Cinnamon etc into the soaps that we make. One of the most important reasons for you to pick handmade soaps over commercial ones is real organic ingredients that make you feel the difference. Click here to check out such products at

Ingredients to avoid
A few soap ingredients do no good but only harm the skin. You should be taking them as skincare red flags and stay miles away from them. What are these ingredients? Let's find out!

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) – This is a surfactant, a compound that is present in the cleaning detergents that washes the dirt away. It is majorly found in commercial soaps, aiming to be an effective cleanser. However, it acts counterproductive for dry and sensitive skin types, leading to further drying and irritation. Related article -

Artificial fragrances and alcohol – Added fragrances such as ethyl and alcohol are the ingredients to avoid because these can parch and exfoliate your skin a lot. If you love fragrant bathing soaps, you can go for plants and herbs essential oil that radiate natural fragrance instead.

Synthetic Dyes – Jamie Bacharach, a licensed naturopath explains – “Not only should you look for ingredients that hydrate the skin; it’s also important to avoid synthetic colors. Companies that compromise on the quality and chemical composition of their soap in order to achieve a certain color aesthetic are not putting their customers’ skin first”. Synthetic dyes are chemically achieved and can mess up your skin.

These are the ingredients you should definitely avoid for your skin. Handmade Natural Soaps do not contain any of it and that clearly speaks volumes on why we are emphasizing their use.

What else makes handmade natural soaps the best choice for your skin - Here are a few more benefits of natural handmade soaps that make them a better option to invest in.

Balances pH levels: Because handmade soaps use naturally acidic and alkaline ingredients, it is able to maintain the pH balance perfectly and easily. The natural constituents present are mild and cleanse the skin gently.

Zero chemicals: Try this for at least a month – Give up on all harsh chemicals, stick to natural products and see the difference. Do it just once and you’ll see the difference yourself.

Custom Ingredients: Handmade soaps can be made literally out of any ingredient that suits your skin type the best. They can be customized to a formulation that is simple yet very effective. Again, this makes handmade soaps a better option.

Now that you have enough reasons to go for this natural, skin-friendly alternative, make sure that you take the right call. In case you need any further skincare assistance, just know that we are just a call away. Mail your queries at or call us at @9818224804. We will be happy to assist you.