Top 7 Best Handmade Soaps in India

Remember those good old childhood days when our grandma used to apply some Multani mitti or sandalwood paste or chickpea flour to cleanse up and bathe us?? That is called a wholesome bathing experience with rich cleanser and aromatic essence. However, today’s cheaper yet flashy commercial soaps have taken us away from such beautiful bathing experiences. Fret not! There are still some not-so-commercial brands that will take you back to such gentle and wholesome bathing experiences through the use of handmade soaps!

Stay with us till the very end as we share a list of the 7 best Handmade soaps in India you can add to your bathing diaries, Self Love Soaps being one of them :)


Why handmade soaps?

Handmade natural soaps are the ones that are crafted with natural ingredients. Trust us when we say that they are the legit best friend of your skin, no matter the skin type. With no chemicals and lots of glycerin and other natural ingredients, these soaps tend to be gentler on your skin. Brownie point – They are also customizable! That means you can find the perfect blend of oils, powders and other ingredients as per your skin type which can really elevate your bathing experience to a whole new level.

To know more and dive into the details of how natural handmade soap does good to your skin, click here and read -


Here comes the list!

Coming to the crux of the article, we have put together a list of the 7 handmade soaps that we find are the best as compared to all the fancy body washers, commercial soaps and bath bubbles that you buy. These are some of our favorite handmade soaps that would leave you with healthy, fresh, soft, young and glowing skin.

Let’s begin!

1. Self Love Soaps

Self Love Soaps craft a wide range of natural handmade soaps under their umbrella that takes care of every skin type. Devoid of chemical ingredients, preservatives and other chemical compositions, these are super gentle with absolutely zero side effects. The composition of glycerin, vitamin E and essential oils is what makes these soaps stand out. These soaps should be the best bet for those looking for a minimalist, gentle, pure and pocket-friendly option. Other than a wide range of soaps, there are a whole lot of other beauty, pet care and home care products also available with them like shampoo, lotions, dishwashers, laundry detergents etc. The best part however is that everything they offer is handmade and natural. Worth a try for sure.

2. Wildflower

Wildflower has got a wide range of handcrafted, sustainable and natural skincare products. The range of handmade soaps that they make is crafted using natural ingredients with no use of harsh chemicals. Further, they are also eco-friendly with the packaging being 100% plastic-free. They have some interesting variants like Vanilla Latte Bathing Bar, Earthy Neem Bathing Bar and Coconut and Tough Charcoal Bathing bars.

3. Khadi

Khadi Essentials Handmade Soap is another good chemical-free soap. The perfect blend of mixed fruits, essential oils and butter helps restore the pH level and imparts ultimate radiance to the skin. Different natural ingredients are infused into their soaps very thoughtfully and all of it reaps benefits like prevention of UV-ray damage, replenishing of skin with essential fatty acids and more. We would say that Khadi’s range is best suitable for dull, pigmented and uneven skin tones. All in all, a great alternative. The prices are moderately expensive, but again, silver lining – the soaps would last for a longer period of time.

4. Neev

The third one on the list is a Khadi India certified almond and rose soap from the brand – Neev Herbal. This chemical-free soap is handcrafted by rural women and uses no animal derivatives. It is known to fight blackheads, pimples and dryness while making your skin look fresh and flawless. With all its vegetarian and organic goodness, this toxin-less herbal soap is the best solution for all your skin problems.

5. Rustic Art Soap

Enriched with the core ingredient – Turmeric, this natural soap bar nourishes the skin and removes the tan. With coconut milk as another key ingredient, the bar hydrates and moisturizes the skin while imparting a refreshing shower experience. An interesting feature – it comes in a compact cloth wrapped packaging which looks cool?
Overall, a sulphate, paraben and chemical-free product for glowing and healthy skin.

6. La Flora

This one is a pure organic soap from La Flora Organics. It is cold-pressed with no chemical ingredients. The organic coconut oil, olive oil and other natural ingredients present nourish and moisturize your skin perfectly while imparting the softness. The natural glycerin content and high shelf-life make it the best fit for healthy and radiant skin.

7. Soul flower

An absolute vegan and organic handmade bar. This one provides soft, supple, moisturized and radiantly glowing skin. Rich ingredients present like cocoa powder, cocoa butter, palm kernel and castor oil make it the best fit for normal and dry skin types. Packed with the goodness of vitamin E and other skin-friendly ingredients, this bar gives you perfect skincare benefits. An ideal bar for normal-dry skin types.

These were the 7 Best Handmade Soaps available in the market according to us. Do try some of them and let us know your thoughts on the same!

We at Self Love Soaps also sell a range of Natural handmade soaps using pure ingredients like Shea butter, Goat Milk, Aloe Vera etc. Visit our website  and have a look at the complete collection we offer. In case of any queries or guidance, feel free to reach out to us at 9818224804. We are always happy to help you select the right kind of soap or cream for your skin type.