Filters are great, but great skin is better, isn’t it? 

The market is so flooded with tons of brands and commercial soaps today, that choosing one out of them becomes a daunting task. With such flashy packaging, catchy advertising and irresistible promotional offers, we end up buying such commercial soaps available at our nearest retail or grocery store. We feel happy about saving some bucks and winning a great deal but end up using these harsh products on our sensitive faces and then feel the brunt - An itchy, dry, scaly skin. Where did we go wrong, we wonder? Oh!! We picked up a product without checking the ingredients and the process. Read our article to know what ingredients should you check before buying a soap

So, what is the option? The option is to choose handmade natural soaps. But why, you ask? Read our blog “Top 5 reasons to use handmade natural soap” to know - 

What are natural soaps?

Before we elaborate on the reasons for using handmade natural soaps, let's first understand what they really are. Natural soaps are soaps that are made using organic, plant-based and natural oils using traditional techniques like cold-process or melt and pour method. With ingredients such as Sandalwood, Aloe vera, Oatmeal and Coffee beans, you could try buying these soaps from one such place as These soaps are absolutely safe and result in glowing, beautiful, hydrated skin. Since now we know what natural soaps are, let's dive deeper to know the answer to “Why should you choose natural soaps?“ 

  1. Natural ingredients, eco-friendly option - With formulations mentioned on the packaging, you clearly know what you are feeding your skin with. Also, since the process is totally natural, no harmful chemicals are released into the environment during the making of soap. That makes it a win-win product, right?
  2. Treats your skin right - Whether you have dry skin or an oily one, you can choose as per the ingredients according to your specific needs. In case you are confused, you could call (9818224804)  Self Love Soaps have a variety of products available as per various skin types and can guide you to the best-suited product for your skin type.
  3. Animal-friendly/Cruelty-free process - Since these soaps are hand-made and totally natural, they are not required to be tested on animals and hence can be called cruelty free. Also, most of these products are produced in small facilities, so the chances of unethical labour practices being used are also absent, unlike large-scale commercial corporations.
  4. Supports local businesses - If you buy handmade soaps, you are directly supporting small and local businesses. More demand means more job opportunities being created in the local community.
  5. Offers unique and wide variety - Most companies, including Self Love Soaps, run these businesses out of their love and passion for making natural soaps. The process involves a lot of love, care and research. From quality ingredients to age-old but effective techniques, nothing is compromised upon. Hence, there is more variety and each variety has something new and unique to offer; Unlike commercial soaps which are produced in bulk without getting into solving the problems of the customers.

These are a few reasons for choosing a handmade soap over a commercial soap. Do let us know your thoughts on the above. Would you want to use a natural soap next time you run out of your current stock, do let us know in the comments below? If you have a particular skin type and want to know what could be the best handmade natural product for you, feel free to reach out to us help@selflovesoaps.inWe will be happy to answer all your queries.