Soaps that we get from the market today are not real soaps, they are chemical detergents created from petroleum-based products. Don’t be surprised since that’s unfortunately true. And hence, it's common to feel itchiness and dry skin after using such products during the shower. But why resort to such products when natural handmade soaps are easily available in the market today?  

Crafted with natural ingredients, these soaps are way better and of premium quality that help your skin reap a bunch of benefits. To dive deeper into the perks of using handmade natural soaps, especially for dry and sensitive skin, you need to give this article a read - .

Moving ahead, let's look at the top 5 varieties of natural handmade soaps available at  that you must try! The list is given below and has been curated after extensive research. Further, these are also the bestsellers at SelfLoveSoaps. Check them out -

  • Triple butter and rose petals soap

  • With the fusion of triple butter and rose petal extracts, this one becomes one of the best, exhilarating, nutrient and mineral-rich soap. Enriched with the richness of 3 butter types - cocoa butter, shea butter, and mango butter, the soap delivers creaminess and full lather. Further, the antioxidants present in the rose provide anti-aging benefits to the skin and regenerate skin tissues. All in all, a wonderful combo of natural ingredients that can help you reduce wrinkles and fine lines! 

  • Saffron and Glycerin massager soap

  • Don’t miss this soap formulation full of two magical ingredients - Saffron and Glycerin, known for revitalizing and anti-aging properties. Both these ingredients enable your skin to stay young and beautiful by effectively treating dermatitis, acne, and dry/cracked skin. While Glycerine is known to protect and heal your skin and make it soft and supple, Saffron is famous for treating brown spots and pigmentation.

    To add more to it, the massager form of the soap gently massages the skin and lets the goodness of the ingredients seep into it. It’s surely worth a try.

  • Goat milk and sandalwood massager soap

  • Crafted with fresh Sandalwood and a hint of Goat milk, this soap adds a ray of wilderness to your shower! The Sandalwood present in the soap helps exfoliate your skin, soothes sunburn, removes tan, and eliminates the aging signs. Goat milk containing Magnesium calms the irritated skin, removes dead cells, and improves rejuvenation. The lactic acid present in the milk prevents acne and gently removes the dirt from the skin while replenishing the moisture. Get yourself one of these for an amazing experience. 

  • Shea butter and rose soap

  • This one is crafted using natural extracts from shea butter and magical rose oil. Best suited for all age groups, it has a great role in revitalizing the skin and making it glow and shine. While Shea Butter helps in moisturizing the skin, Vitamin A and C present in the rose oil help reduce age spots, smoothen the appearance of wrinkles, and aid with collagen production. Worth a try to make your skin beautiful inside out!

  • Goat milk and coffee soap

  • Gone are the days when coffee was used only to keep your mind alert. With time, coffee has found a safe place in the beauty regimes of the people. The fact is that coffee in combination with Goat milk can do wonders to your skin. Goat milk is very rich in vitamin A which helps in the repair of skin cells and controls acne. On the other hand, coffee is a rich source of vitamin B3 that not only helps prevent non-melanoma skin cancers but also combat other skin ailments with its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. All in all, a great soap that calms irritated skin, removes dead cells, and improves rejuvenation.

    These were the top 5 varieties of handmade soaps that you must consider for yourself. We are sure that you would love the experience and would want to use these soaps more often. So why wait? Hop on to our website and bag yours right away!

    Wishing you a happy glowing skin!